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Who we are and what we've done

Who we are

This site is an archival site, as such these badges are not for sale, badges are uploaded from many many sources-it is not a central collection but a resource put together by hundreds of different collectors.

The Badge Collectors Circle is run by Frank Setchfield. Its aims are simple to discover as much as possible about non-uniformed British badges and connect like minded people. Frank started the BCC as a club in 1980, for thirty one years, through one hundred and eighty six newsletters and many Swapmeets the BCC strived to meet that simple edict. In 2011 it was decided that an improved website would be better suited to achieving these targets. We hope that you will agree and join in the fun.

What we do

We aim to record the social history of British badges through a simple archive. This may mean referring you to another site which details a particular area of badges. We hope to discover provenance for the origins of badges and produce articles along the way. We want to solve your badge questions-there are countless numbers of badges which simply contain letters of images and often their meaning is lost over time-we hope to record these little devils!

We want you to join in – send in your queries, solve some of our queries, write an article or simply contribute to the archive. It is all free and we hope you will find it a useful place to develop your part of the amazing hobby of badge collecting.

So even if you are not a collector but have found a badge in the attic, metal detecting or at a boot sale and want some help identifying it we hope to be able to help you.

PLEASE NOTE-We are not a site for the selling of badges so please do not post advertisements within our archive or query sections.

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