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Wednesday 6th April 2011

ABC Minors Cinema Club 1960-70s letters

Button Badge Back Mini Tutorial

A classic British button badge set. That is how I would describe the ABC minors cinema club letters series from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. The letters spell out 'ABC MINORS' and interestingly collectors are often fooled into thinking there was a whole alphabet to collect, I know I was! This set was the last major series issued by the club and the numbers produced indicate that the club was still vibrant into the mid 1970s -just prior tothe dawn of Saturday morning television which was the final nail for such Cinema clubs.

The set is also useful as a tutorial for button badge parts. The period 1968-1973 saw developments in parts used by badge makers and the re-orders of this set mean that it can be collected in four incarnations (for those collectors so inclined!)

All four incarnations carry the standard 'D' pin (so called because of its shape) 

Three of the sets carry the name 'Gaunt B'ham' around the curl, although two of these were not made up by Gaunts.

Bottom Left-Thfirst incarnation Gaunt grey back metal ring with D pin; Bottom Right -Metal ring D pin believed B Sanders: Top Left- Plastic ring D pin possibly B Sanders this is the white type of plastic as opposed to the clearer plastic; Top Right Crimped badge with D pin by White and Lambert.

The crimped idea is commonly found on earlier button badges from New Zealand and Australia, White and Lambert appear to have used this system from the mid 1960s to the mid 1980s-see image below for a side on view. I hope this helps members when they are loading badges onto the archive.

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